Non-Operative Spine Treatments in Villa Rica GA
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Non-Operative Spine Treatments in Villa Rica GA

Carrollton Orthopaedic Clinic's Non-Operative Spine department specializes in conservative treatment of patients to improve their quality of life. People that are not good candidates for surgery or do not desire surgery can gain significant benefits through treatment.

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Common Conditions eligible for Non-Operative Treatment

Spinal Treatments

After evaluation, depending upon the specific problem, the patient could benefit from:

  • 2 types of low back (lumbar) epidurals.
  • Low back joint injections (facet) and heating of the nerves (rhizotomies)
  • Neck joint injections (facet)
  • SI injections (sacro-iliac)
  • Low back discograms

Other evaluations can be necessary including electrodiagnostic testing (EMGs and NCVs) mostly for carpal tunnel problems, pinched nerves, diabetic nerve damage and the "funny bone nerve" (ulnar nerve) at the elbow.

Patients can also benefit greatly from an alternative method of treatment called acupuncture. It has been found to be very beneficial for muscle pain.

Non-Operative Spine Physicians & Specialists

Michael Gravett, PA-C

Bryan Kirby, M.D.

Ki Lin, M.D.

Andrea Maxwell, MSN, NP

E. Franklin Pence, Jr., M.D.

Alisha Schuchman, MSN, NP-C