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Frequent Football Injuries From Head To Toe

Are you ready for some football? If so, it’s time to also get ready for some frequent football injuries. They go hand and hand with this sport, maybe more so than any other. Running, tackling, changing direction while running, falling, and overuse of a part of your body all contribute to football injuries from head to toe. Weekend warriors, professionals, high school and college players, and even the pee wee leagues can expect frequent football injuries,... View Article

Preventing Injuries: Treadmill vs Running Outside

For runners, the repetitive motion and impact of shifting your body weight from one foot to the other can cause wear and tear over time. Whether you’re just starting out or completing your second marathon, you may¬†experience heel, foot, knee and lower back pain at some point.   Injuries and strains can interrupt your training schedule and may even discourage you from exercising, but did you know that choosing between a treadmill and running outside could help to prevent injuries?... View Article