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Why Knee Replacements Are More Common In Women

Many people don’t realize that knee replacement surgery is more common in women. It happens to be true for a number of reasons. Let’s discover why knee replacements are more common in women.

Some Current Statisticswoman getting knee replacement

One million knee replacement surgeries are performed in the United States every year, and by 2030 total knee replacements are projected to increase 673% to three million each year.

60% of all knee replacement surgeries are performed on women. One half of Americans will have knee osteoarthritis in at least one knee.

Multiple Reasons Women Are More Likely To Have A Knee Replacement

Arthritis is the leading risk factor for arthritis which causes knee joint issues. More women than men suffer from arthritis. Obesity, age, hormones, and genetics are not in a woman’s favor either.

A woman is more at risk for osteoarthritis after age 50, as it is more common in post-menopausal women than younger women. As a woman goes through menopause, she loses the hormone estrogen which has been protecting the cartilage in her joints from inflammation. In addition, a woman’s tendons in the lower body are more elastic so knee joints are less stable. Men are more likely to have arthritis in their hips.

Body weight contributes to knee discomfort because the weight puts more pressure on the joints and increases the risk of wear and tear. The biggest contributor is belly fat, a common place where women carry their weight.

Studies have concluded that women have more activity in their lifetime than men. They walk more steps in a given day, thereby, increasing the need for knee replacement surgery.

Is It Time For YOU?

Once you reach the point where you can no longer do the things you enjoy, it may be time to talk to Carrollton Orthopaedics in Carrollton, GA about a knee replacement.

If you have tried medications, physical therapy, injections, weight loss, and using a brace with no relief from the pain, it may be time to consider knee replacement surgery.

Women seem to wait longer to consider surgery, but why give up what you love? Is it running, cycling, playing golf or tennis? Don’t wait until you can’t even walk.

Contact Carrollton Orthopaedics at (770) 834-0873 if you are a woman (or man) with knee pain, and you want more information about knee replacement surgery.