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Reducing Your Risk Of Shoulder ReInjury

What do shoulder injuries and kidney stones have in common? First, you absolutely do not want to go through either of these medical problems ever again due to the pain, and second, once you experience either kidney stones or a shoulder injury, you are more at risk to have a recurrence. If you have previously injured your shoulder, reducing your risk of shoulder reinjury should become a priority.... View Article

Treatment For Shoulder Injuries Due To Overhead Sports

Professional baseball players are back on the diamond, tennis players are competing on the courts, swimmers jump in the pool, and let’s not forget all the weekend warriors who will be giving it their all. No matter your level of expertise, those who participate in overhead sports are likely to suffer a shoulder injury of some type. Get to know the signs and treatment for shoulder injuries due to overhead sports.... View Article

Joint Pain: When Is It Time To See A Specialist

When you have joint pain, it becomes top of mind every time you move. It doesn’t matter if it’s your knee, elbow, hip, or shoulder. Move, and there’s pain. It limits your ability to participate in sports, to exercise, play with your children or grandchildren, and it interferes with just plain everyday activities. So, what is the tipping point of joint pain, and when is it time to see a specialist?... View Article